What is WebPAT?

WebPAT is a Physical Abilities Testing software suite which simplifies pre-employment, return-to-work and fitness-for-duty testing for clinicians, employers and job applicants/employees.

This easy-to-use web-based platform eliminates the need for paperwork and enables users to easily produce objective, job-specific, and ADA, EEOC and OFCCP-compliant screens.

Globally Accessible. WebPAT is an easy-to-use web-based platform that eliminates the need for paperwork.

Clinician-Friendly. Our software suite simplifies pre-employment, return-to-work and fitness-for-duty testing for clinicians, employers and job applicants.

Immediate Results. WebPAT speeds up the hiring process, with test results available immediately upon completion.

Eliminates Errors. Based on objective, job-specific screens, WebPAT consistently produces instant and error-free results.

  1. Register online via the WebPAT web portal.
  2. Manage appointment requests and schedule testing.
  3. Start testing and view results immediately.
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