Physical Abilities Testing (PAT)/Fitness for Duty Testing: Essential for Pre-Hire and Return-to-Work Testing

A Pre-hire Physical Ability Test (PAT) program works to ensure that the workers you hire have the physical capabilities to perform the everyday demands of the jobs for which they’re being hired.


ErgoScience testing is evidence-based and legally compliant.

The testing can:

  • add a new element of accuracy to the hiring process
  • reduce bad hires and employee turnover
  • lower injury rates among your workers
  • decrease the high costs associated with those injuries


Other advantages include:

  • Our pre-hire/post-offer PAT case studies show an average of 73% reduction in  the direct costs of work related injuries.  Check out the following three examples:
  • Independent researchers found ErgoScience PAT reduced total injury costs by 79%, creating a return of 18:1 ROI. (Read more.)
  • Fewer employees will be out due to work-related injuries, which improves productivity, quality, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

How will Physical Abilities Testing Effect Your Hiring Process?

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You may be thinking that the last think you need is something else to delay your onboarding process.  At least, this is what some of our clients worried about before they started testing with us.

However, after beginning physical abilities testing, they typically tell us, “It’s worth the extra step because…

“…we’re hiring employees who are better physically qualified for their jobs.”

“…ErgoScience makes the testing easy and applicant experience is a good one.

“…we’re spending less time and money on work-related injuries.”                                             

…now we have a medical baseline for comparison if applicants are hired and then injured.” 

At ErgoScience, we strive to make the pre-hire Physical Abilities Testing process as user-friendly and painless as possible. Based on client feedback, we are achieving that goal.  

Worried about rejecting applicants in an already tight labor market?

Pre-Hire Testing doesn’t have to be used for selection – it can be used to place people in the right jobs. In other words, you don’t have to reject applicants. You can provide extra training and support for those who score lower on the test and/or you can place them in less demanding jobs. Your choice!

Use PAT for Return-To-Work/Fitness for Duty Testing

In addition to administering the test pre-hire, it can be administered when employees are:

  • attempting to return to work from an injury or illness
  • applying for a transfer from a lighter to heavier duty job
  • observed by a supervisor struggling to do the physical requirements of the job
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