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Job Analysis Training

Featuring a carefully balanced curriculum of instruction and application, ErgoScience job analysis training consists of computer-based online training that takes approximately 16 hours. It’s self-paced, provides real-world examples of industry tasks and is a great way to practice data collection and analysis.  


You will:

  • Learn to define the essential tasks of the job
  • Determine the percent of day spent in the various physical activities
  • Determine the heaviest weights handled and the heaviest forces exerted
  • Determine the balance and coordination requirements of the job
  • Identify the environmental factors and the PPE required for the job

Our job analysis training is typically accomplished online, or you can ask us to come to you for an instructor-led course. This course is conducted by an ErgoScience certified trainer who is also an experienced industrial therapist and results in 1.6 CEUs earned.