Ergonomic Assessments

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ErgoScience applies the latest, state of the art computer vision technology to the field of ergonomics, changing a once cumbersome and time consuming process to an efficient, accurate, data-driven assessment.

The ErgoScience Advantage

The technology we employ uncovers and quantifies the ergonomic hazards and identifies the impact of the various body parts that are contributing to the hazard.

Quantitative Data Includes:
  • Overall task hazard score
  • Percent of task spent in hazardous positions
  • Body parts contributing to hazard score
  • Percent reduction that can be expected with interventions

Financial Impact of Ergonomics Programs

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The US. General Accounting Office (GAO) examined 5 companies of varying sizes and industry sectors and found the average cost/claim after an ergonomic program intervention was reduced by up to $16,500. (1)

A case study involving 250 workers found the average payback period (ROI) for ergonomic interventions was less than one year. (2)

Another case study involving 200 employees showed the benefit-to-cost ratio was nearly 25 times greater than the cost of the initial ergonomic intervention (3).

Ergonomics- for the health of your employees and your bottom line!

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