"I have worked closely with the ErgoScience team for six years and it has been a pleasure working with their company. They have always been prompt with our company requests and have responded in a timely manner with our needs. With our company’s volume and urgency, I am extremely satisfied with the service that ErgoScience presents."

Jean Gonzales | Yes! Communities

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As an Occupational Health Consultant to Fortune 500 companies, I had the opportunity to lead a team in search of a national provider of pre-hire Physical Abilities Testing (PAT). As a team, we reviewed a variety of potential providers and chose ErgoScience for three important reasons – the validity of their testing, the size of their clinic network and the quality assurance performed on each and every test. After several years into the project, we continue to be affirmed that ErgoScience is the right choice.

Lady Ellen Clark, RN, COHN-S, CCM | Occupational Health Consultant

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In researching companies to help us implement a pre-employment physical testing program, we wanted to find a program that would give us the peace of mind that any candidate we hired would be physically able to do the job and that the process itself would be fair and defensible. The methods used by ErgoScience met these objectives. I would encourage anyone considering a pre-employment physical testing program to look at ErgoScience. The methods used by ErgoScience are thorough, professional, and proven. We could not be more pleased.

Gary Cameron, HR Director | Mitchell Grocery Corp

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“We found that some of our biggest supporters were our HR business partners. They saw the value immediately in this process and began to not only work it into the onboarding process, but they also tracked compliance.  They realized that injury rates and workers’ compensation costs were trending downwards in a big way. From a business standpoint, that’s always welcomed by operations, but from a safety and workers’ compensation perspective it’s rewarding… We’re sending our employees home in the condition in which they arrived.”

Vicki Yeazel| Workers’ Compensation Manager, Voith Industrial Services

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“We wanted to ensure that we were complying with regulatory requirements and human resources best practices. The process forced us to look at ergonomics and forced us to evaluate the demands of our jobs. We were able to see success early on. As our company grew, we assumed more risk, but saw fewer injuries. It’s not only about reduction of frequency of injuries, but also reduction of severity.”

Eiman Badr | Environmental, Health, and Safety Director, Voith Industrial Services

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“We wanted to grow but we didn’t want that growth to come at the expense of our people’s safety. At the recommendation of our Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier, we began searching for someone to help us reduce workers’ compensation costs and injury rates. We chose to work with ErgoScience because of the professionalism they showed both inside the office and out in the field. They came to our facility, analyzed the demands of our drivers and were able to develop a Pre-Hire Physical Abilities Test that has cut our injury rate in half and reduced our work comp cost per employee by 68%. They review data with us and help implement new programs within our organization to help prevent future injuries.”

Johnathan Marshall | Safety Director for P&S Transportation

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