Physical Abilities Testing (PAT)

Pre-hire screens are 30 minutes toward a safer, more productive, less injury-prone workforce. Return-to-work screens are simple functional tests lasting from a half hour to an hour that objectively and accurately answer the all-important question: is this employee ready to get back to work? Pre-transfer screens and periodic fitness for duty testing help ensure that workers stay safe once hired and on the job. Done correctly, these screens save employers money and reduce employee injury. 


Partner with ErgoScience for pre-hire testing. 

We know your time in the clinic is valuable. And you want to grow your relationships with employer clients and provide quality services.  Partner with ErgoScience to make your pre-hire Physical Ability testing projects easier.   

Contract our expert analysts to go to the jobsite and perform a Quantitative Job Demands Analysis.  Then have our top-notch team develop legally defensible Physical Ability Tests and load them into our user-friendly, efficient WebPAT testing portal.   

As part of the service, our team will prepare training for your clinicians in performing these specific PATs.  This training is online so clinicians can easily learn to perform the PAT whenever the need arises.

You'll maintain the relationship with your employer client, ErgoScience is just here to back you up and help get your project rolling.

Using our independently researched, peer-reviewed processes, ErgoScience develops pre-hire, pre-transfer, fitness for duty and post-injury return-to-work screens that truly help companies determine the capabilities and readiness of their workforces.