The ErgoScience Story

ErgoScience makes the workplace better by applying the science of work to injury prevention through proven, defensible methodologies. We do it because every employee deserves a safer workplace, and every employer wants a more productive and profitable workforce.


ErgoScience is a workforce injury prevention and treatment provider focused on employee safety and employer risk reduction. We collaborate with our clients to implement customizable solutions that help place the right people into the right jobs and prevent injuries once hired. If injuries occur despite these efforts, we help return employees to work quickly and safely.

We began as a response to a serious need.

In 1988, Deborah E. Lechner, PT, MS, and her colleagues at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) found, after evaluation of all commercially available functional physical abilities testing systems, that none met all the criteria for a well-designed, validated test. As a result, the research team developed a new physical abilities testing protocol, one that would be reliable, defensible and based on independent, peer-reviewed research.

With an open mind, without adherence to any particular approach and through extensive experimentation, the ErgoScience Physical Work Performance Evaluation (PWPE™), a protocol that emphasizes standardization, objectivity, reliability and validity in clinical measurement, was created. It was peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in the Journal of Occupational Medicine. 

At the urging of the UAB Research Foundation, the newly developed functional capacity evaluation (FCE) was made commercially available and ErgoScience, Inc. was born, dedicated to providing the research-based FCE (PWPE™) nationally and internationally. 

Since our founding in 1992, ErgoScience has continued to lead in the field of workplace
injury prevention and rehabilitation. We believe in making the workplace safer and more
productive. Our products, services, and research help employers, employees, clinicians,
and insurance carriers decrease risk and injuries throughout the employment life cycle.

Our National Footprint: ErgoScience has trained thousands of clinics throughout the U.S. – and hundreds of international clinics as well – to conduct our physical abilities testing and deliver our training and physical rehabilitation programs. If one of our clinics is not in close proximity to your location, we will contract with a clinic provider near you. Our job analysts and ergonomic specialists travel to your location to evaluate your jobs firsthand. The result is a customized approach that can be delivered consistently across multiple locations. 

Our Science. Our scientific approach to employee testing and injury prevention is legally defensible.

Their Safety. We help employers prevent injuries before and after an employee is hired.

Your Advantage. Our interventions reduce workers’ compensation costs and increase profitability.