Save an average of 65% on your workers’ comp expenses within just one year.


Scientific and legal pre-hire physical abilities testing

ErgoScience makes the workplace better by applying the science of work to injury prevention through proven, defensible methodologies. We do it because every employee deserves a safer workplace, and every employer wants a more productive and profitable workforce. We offer pre-hire/post-offer Physical Abilities Testing, and post-injury solutions to help you lower your worker's comp costs. Have any questions? Below we have highlighted some of the main questions we get from our clients. You can also click here to book a meeting with one of our experts.

What is My ROI on pre-hire PAT?

Every decision you make for your business affects its bottom line, so the return-on-investment question is vital. Is a PAT worth the investment? Our clients would answer a resounding, YES!!!

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Is this legally defensible?

It depends on how the test is developed and implemented. A Pre-hire Physical Ability Test (PAT) program must be ADA and EEOC compliant. With ErgoScience, all of your tests will be legally defensible.

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How will this affect my hiring?

If you're worried about the effect of pre-hire physical abilities testing on your hiring process, we get it. Our process adds a step on the front end, but reduces turnover in the long run.

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"The ErgoScience FCE is backed by solid research. I am particularly impressed by the ingenious scoring system that integrates a large volume of performance data."



All of our solutions are backed by years of research!

ErgoScience customers save an average of 65% on their workers’ comp expenses within just one year.

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From whitepapers, to calculators, we have put together some helpful resources to aid you on your information journey. 

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Reducing Workplace Injury Starts Before You Hire: The Case for Pre Employment Testing

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For the savvy business owner, smart workforce decisions begin long before the day a new employee reports for their first day on the job. But what if you could reduce the chance of injury before a candidate ever punches the clock? Pre employment testing can make the choice easier.

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