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ErgoScience makes the workplace better by applying evidence-based injury prevention through proven, defensible methodologies. We do it because every employee deserves a safer workplace, and every employer wants a more productive and profitable workforce. Below we have highlighted some of our primary programs. You can also click here to book a meeting with one of our experts.

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ErgoScience is a workforce injury prevention and treatment provider focused on employee safety and employer risk reduction. We collaborate with our clients to implement customizable solutions that help place the right people into the right jobs and prevent injuries once hired. If injuries occur despite these efforts, we help return employees to work quickly and safely.

What our customers say

“The outcome from testing not only lowered our work comp injuries and dollars, it created a cost savings through injury avoidance. Data clearly showed an ROI of 5:1 in the first four years of the program. Beyond the dollars, it became clear, that we were impacting the health and safety of our employees in a positive way. It was apparent that Leadec had a moral and ethical responsibility to our most important asset, our team members."

“In researching companies to help us implement a pre-employment physical testing program, we wanted to find a program that would give us the peace of mind that any candidate we hired would be physically able to do the job and that the process itself would be fair and defensible. The methods used by ErgoScience met these objectives. I would encourage anyone considering a pre-employment physical testing program to look at ErgoScience. The methods used by ErgoScience are thorough, professional, and proven. We could not be more pleased.”

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