Their Safety


You’re trying to do everything you can to prevent strains and sprains and slips, trips and falls. You have extensive safety training and practices.  You’ve implemented ergonomic modifications…and you’re still getting too many injuries.  But there are a couple very effective injury prevention strategies that many employers haven’t implemented yet.  ErgoScience can help you implement these strategies seamlessly into your existing safety programs.  Click here to learn more about ErgoScience injury prevention solutions.

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Your Advantage


You’re a good steward of your company’s resources. You don’t waste time and money on programs that don’t work.  That’s why you carefully vet any potential new programs.  You make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  You don’t allow vendors to sell you on a flimsy plan.  With ErgoScience you can feel safe and confident that you’re investing your company’s hard-earned dollars wisely.  We provide evidence from our current clients.  Click here to read more about the return on investment that our clients realize.

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Our Science


You want legally defensible injury prevention programs. You certainly don’t want to spend time and valuable resources defending an EEOC charge. Maybe you’ve heard that some injury prevention programs are not compliant with ADA and EEOC.  You’re right to worry.  Some are not.  Some are carelessly thrown together just to benefit the vendor.  Most have little or no research to prove they work.  Click here to learn more about ErgoScience’s defensibility and compliance.   

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