Below is a list of equipment that we recommend for Physical Work Performance Evaluations. You can view each product in detail by clicking on the link provided which will take you to the supplier's website. You can also purchase the equipment directly from the supplier's website by registering for a free account.

Our Services:
Job Demands Analysis
Precise measurement of the physical demands of work allows for implementation of pre-hire and return-to-work screening...more

Pre-Hire Functional Screens
Objective testing of an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of work leads to better hiring decisions...more

Ergonomics Programs
Evaluation and abatement of work site stressors prevents lost time injuries...more

Acute Care Rehabilitation
Provision of worksite therapy services provides efficient and effective treatment for employees

Return-to-Work Screens
Reliable and accurate functional screens promote early and safe return-to-work...more

Transitional Duty Programs
Effective and efficient re-integration of the employee into full-duty work

Functional Capacity Evaluations
The only fully research-developed FCE for accurate and objective measurement of physical capabilities...more

Impairment Ratings
Evaluate permanent partial impairment utilizing the American Medical Association Guideline

Employee Training
Instruction in proper body mechanics and lifting technique minimize the body’s stress