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About ErgoScience
ErgoScience is one of the premier injury prevention and rehabilitation companies servicing employers, rehabilitation clinics and insurers.

We help employers reduce workplace injuries and worker compensation costs by providing a comprehensive suite of injury prevention and rehabilitation services,
We train rehabilitation clinicians in injury prevention and rehabilitation so that they may better serve their patients, employers and insurance carriers.
We help insurance carriers make accurate and objective return-to-work and disability determinations through the utilization of our functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments and impairment ratings.
Our services are delivered through an international network of 850 clinics, over 650 of which are in the U.S.


Our Products & Services
Job Demands Analysis
Precise measurement of the physical demands of work allows for implementation of pre-hire and return-to-work screening...more

Pre-Hire Functional Screens
Objective testing of an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of work leads to better hiring decisions...more

Ergonomics Programs
Evaluation and abatement of work site stressors prevents lost time injuries...more

Acute Care Rehabilitation
Provision of worksite therapy services provides efficient and effective treatment for employees

Return-to-Work Screens
Reliable and accurate functional screens promote early and safe return-to-work...more

Transitional Duty Programs
Effective and efficient re-integration of the employee into full-duty work

Functional Capacity Evaluation
The only fully research-developed FCE for accurate and objective measurement of physical capabilities...more

Impairment Ratings
Evaluate permanent partial impairment utilizing the American Medical Association Guideline

Employee Training
Instruction in proper body mechanics and lifting technique minimize the body’s stress


ErgoScience Response to WorkSTEPS Claims

ErgoScience Response to WorkSTEPS Claims

ErgoScience acquired a client that formerly used a WorkSTEPS provider to perform Post-Offer Screening. That client made certain forms (including a consent form and a medical questions form) available to us that were part of WorkSTEPS copyrighted materials. The client was under the impression that these forms belonged to their organization and asked ErgoScience to incorporate certain elements of the forms (1-2 lines of the consent form and several medical questions) into the forms that we used for them. ErgoScience incorporated these elements believing that the forms belonged to the client. As soon as we were made aware that the forms were part of WorkSTEPS copyrighted materials, we ceased and desisted from using them. We have returned all copies of their copyrighted materials and WorkSTEPS has dismissed their claims against ErgoScience. In exchange for WorkSTEPS’ dismissal of its claims, ErgoScience agreed to the entry of a permanent injunction.

To summarize, ErgoScience made an innocent mistake that involved a minute amount of WorkSTEPS content. ErgoScience voluntarily rectified our mistake and settled the case out of court. All present and future ErgoScience screening programs are not impacted by this settlement with WorkSTEPS.


Listen to Deborah's interview on

Special guest Deborah Lechner, PT, MS, Founder and President of ErgoScience Inc, Birmingham, Ala, introduces the elements of an effective job analysis and how they are used throughout the workplace. Ms. Lechner discusses the importance of using methods that measure the physical demands of jobs compared to self-reporting techniques, and how they can help resolve misconceptions that may be held both by employers and employees about a job's requirements.
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“Having used a number of different commercial and home-grown FCEs over the last four years, I think the PWPE™ is superior to any of those systems. ”
Heidi Brandis, OT
Perth, Australia

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